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Low Carb Living

Image result for low carb livingAbout six weeks ago, my husband and I started cutting our carbs. We were pretty lax about the commitment, choosing to make dinners without bread, rice, pasta or tortillas. We have had a few taco nights with just 1-2 corn tortillas, but for the most part we stopped buying sugar and starch. We both eat lunch out pretty regularly and we’ve been looking for good low carb dining options. Doing well some days and not-so-well others.

One of the biggest helpers with this way of eating has been our investment in an instant pot. There are so many wonderful recipes and I am constantly amazed with how quick and easy it is without sacrificing flavor. It is one of the best purchases I have made for my kitchen. I usually make large portions so I can pack my lunch for work, it takes the temptation out of my midday meal.



Image result for shift shopAt the same time I signed up as a Beach Body coach under my daughter. We have been doing daily workout videos with Beach Body On Demand. Most videos are 30 minutes. Let me tell you, 30 minutes is enough with these crazy trainers! We did 2.5 weeks of 21 Day Fix, then we joined a group and completed a 3 week program called Shift Shop and now we are working on a 7 day program called Shaun Week. They have all kicked our butts. Near the end of Shift Shop I tweaked my knee pretty badly and I’ve had to take it easy a few days. I’m sure once I get back full-force I’ll be so sore! Knowing it’s only half an hour makes it easier to start, though.

Holly picture

At the beginning of the Shift Shop program I took all of my measurements and my weight. I was disappointed to learn I had only lost 3 lbs. Then I retook my measurements and I had lost 17″! That’s crazy, right? In only three weeks? I was encouraged by those numbers. I’m still a long way from my goal, but I think this is working well so far.

I’ve been listening to the audio book called, Keto Clarity, it’s basically the Atkins diet we all love to hate. The thing is, you’re supposed to have high fat, moderate protein and low carb. According to the book, it should be about 20g of carbs per day, 70g of protein and about 140g of fat. It’s so hard for me to wrap my brain around high fat foods, especially with reduced protein. (Think: avocado, coconut oil, heavy whipping cream, butter, cheese, crKeto Clarity: Your Definitive Guide to the Benefits of a Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet by [Westman MD, Eric, Moore, Jimmy]eam cheese.) This way of eating does not allow for cheating. If you eat high fat, then cheat and eat carbs and sugar you’ll gain – big time. Do we have the discipline to give up carbs and sugar cold turkey?! People who are active can have more protein than people who are not, but they recommend adjusting in small increments so you find your personal threshold. The goal is to get my body into Ketosis (burn fat instead of sugar for energy). I ordered some testers to see whether I’ve actually made the Keto conversion. They should arrive from Amazon today. It should be interesting.

I’m so lucky to have a husband and daughter who support me and will eat whatever I eat or whatever I cook. So many of my friends have to make 2 meals and resist eating their kids’ Mac N’ Cheese or whatever. I really only have to make good decisions for me and I still struggle. I’m sure it’s even harder for those moms with families who refuse to make the switch.

I’ve got a ways to go on this journey and I realize it’s a lifestyle, not some get-thin-quick scheme. I’m honestly afraid I will fail, but determined to do my best. If you’re interested follow along with me and I’ll post updates. If you’re on your own journey, I’d love to hear about it. If you’ve been doing this for a while, tell me your tips and tricks. XOXOX

Holly Galligan



Santa Cam

These fun Santa Cams with real blinking light are a fun Christmas addition to any home, preschool or business. 

Santa Cam – Realistic Santa Cam – Santa Camera – Elf on the Shelf – Elf accessory

These dummy surveillance cameras are a great addition to your Elf on the Shelf this year! 

My kids love when this appears on the mantel with our tricky little Elf to let them know that even when he’s messing around the house getting into all sorts of things, Santa is still keeping on eye on EVERYTHING!  

It can also be easily hung from most ceilings with Command Strips for a no mess removal at the end of the season.

These cameras come with a red blinking LED light. 2AA batteries, included, required for light. 

‘Santa Cam’ which is done in white 

These cameras can be customized for an additional $2 to have your elf’s or child’s name. This will be in green or red vinyl.

They are approximately 4.75 inches in diameter and 3 inches tall.
***These are not real cameras, only a fun addition to your Elf on the Shelf game or instead of doing the complicated Elf on the Shelf daily move.***

An excellent read

Grit: Passion, Perseverance, and the Science of SuccessGrit: Passion, Perseverance, and the Science of Success by Angela Duckworth

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book. I thought the flow was excellent, the author did a wonderful job reading on the audio version I listened to. Also, there was not too much scientific jargon like some similar books. Any data presented was necessary and easy to follow. Although I rarely read books twice, I think this one deserves a second look (listen). There were very practical applications, the GRIT test, the PDF’s. It was so thorough. Honestly, I couldn’t put it down.

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Today is the day we arrive at Mom’s in Indiana!!

We woke up in Missouri early and ready for our 6 hour drive. By far the shortest leg of our trip. We were on the road by 8:00 ready to end the tireless driving as quickly as possible.

We saw St Louis from the freeway. We drove right by the famous arch, and the Busch stadium.

Just past this very old and interesting city we went over the Mississippi River and the Illinois state line.

Illinois had a lot of truck traffic and corn fields.
At long last, and through stop-and-go road construction, we crossed into Indiana.

I wanted to stop at every odd sight on the way. Things we missed:
World’s Largest Candy Store
World’s Largest Rocking Chair
Vacuum Cleaner Museum
Jesse James Wax Museum
(Jason assures me this is about the 1800s bank robber, not the present-day motorcycle mechanic. I googled it to be sure. Lol.)
An alarming number of adult video stores

We couldn’t stop because there was a storm headed to Heritage Lake at 5:00pm. We lost another hour, reaching our new EST time zone. We finally arrived at 3:45. Yay!




We immediately started unloading the U-Haul. 15 minutes into it we were halfway through and the storm arrived early. Torrential rains and wind came so suddenly, complete with thunder and lightening. We closed it all up as fast as we could, getting soaked in the process. We dried off and sat down. Just as quickly as it arrived, the storm passed. Back to work.

My mom and stepdad are nice enough to let us stay with them until we find our own place. Jarry got home just in time to help us unload and get our room together.

We are thankful for our own bed to sleep in and we made it across the country without a hitch. Our dog, Penny Lane, will not leave Jason’s side. She is so happy!

Thanks for following our journey. Cheers!!

Galligans Head East Day 3

Good morning Texas!!

We had a very comfortable stay in Amarillo.


We had a perfect start to our day with a Starbucks breakfast.




Very quickly we crossed into Oklahoma. There were 2 toll roads in OK at $9.75 each. They were kind of annoying. We were happy to get through it all with little traffic.


We passed a giant indoor waterpark, pretty cool! There were multiple dried up rivers we crossed over. Then we were reminded of Palm Springs when we passed all of the wind turbines.





We found the cheapest gas of our trip. $3.05 for regular!



There were American flags and Oklahoma pride signs everywhere.


We saw a cool AWACS plane, it was much larger in person.



We finally made it into Missouri. We stopped for a quick salad at Olive Garden.


We spotted a lot of water towers and hay rolls.




We finally checked into our hotel in St. Roberts, MO. It was clean and cheap. The desk clerk was friendly and said she was expecting us. It was a nice change from the last one who couldn’t find our reservation. The hot tub was down for maintenance, much to Jason’s dismay. We’re excited to get on with our last day of driving and turned in early. Goodnight.

Galligans Head East Day 2

It was exciting waking up in the Grand Canyon. It felt like a Disneyland morning. The anticipation got me up early. Jason was less enthusiastic about visiting “the big hole in the ground”. We pulled up to the park about 9am.

$25 per car was well worth it.





Of course I should have known where my real camera was packed and had it charged. I doubt it could have captured the full extent of the Canyon anyway, but still….




Even the native squirrels are mesmerized:

We stayed for an hour with a promise to return and see more. Jason was appropriately impressed and is dying to mountain bike, camp and hike the area properly. Maybe next year.
We hit the road about 10 and the drive out of the park was through a snow globe of clouds. Sort of like an airplane.



Once we hit New Mexico, the drive was less impressive. A few fuel stops, not much scenery. We got into Texas about 10pm and to our hotel in Amarillo after 11pm (we lost 2 hours in the time change.)





I had a little free time and was able to negotiate our hotel room down to $53 in Amarillo with a AAA discount. Hahaha! Very clean and super comfy. I enjoyed the down comforter and pillows and was thankful to not be allergic to those (Alzos 😘). Also, my Carolyn packed us with so many great snacks we never stopped for food. It was a very productive day. Thanks for all of the comments and support. We love being connected to everyone. Peace!

The Galligans Head East

Day 1: Saying goodbye is impossible. Family, friends, neighbors…. Arrowhead has been our home for 18 years and there is no better place. We will always consider Arrowhead home and its residents our family. We are excited to start this new chapter, but not today. Today we are mourning. I’m sure the full weight of this sadness has yet to hit. We feel like this is the direction God is leading us, so as promised, He will get us through it.

Over the past month we had our 10-year-old Durango tuned up including new tires from Linder’s in Crestline. Monday we picked up the U-Haul and a screw in our shiny new tire. We pulled away Tuesday and headed straight to Linder’s. They took great care of us and sent us on our way.


Our route takes Highway 40 for a good portion of the trip. This took us right past the Colorado River where I was lucky enough to spend some time with friends last month. Of course passing here made me tear up again….


The weather was about 82°, not too hot for a Summer day in Arizona. As we passed through Kaibab National Forest, it was so beautiful and had recently rained. It smelled amazing and views to die for.

We found a nice hotel right by the Grand Canyon and pulled in at about 6:30pm.

Jay and I shared a great dinner and met a nice couple from the OC in the hot tub. The room was really comfortable. We talked to Lyssa before bed and slept great ❤️

boatshowThe 2014 Annual Antique & Classic Wooden Boat Show will take place Saturday, June 7th & Sunday, June 8th at the Lake Arrowhead Village

Antique boats will vie for trophies and can be viewed up close at the Lake Arrowhead Village docks.

On display throughout the village will be vintage woodie cars, hot rods, antique wooden boat models and early outboard motors. Antique boats will also be for sale throughout the village.

The feature boat of this year’s show will be Empress, a 1938 Gar Wood 22-foot model 915 Streamliner. Only 9 of these rare beauties were ever built. The Streamliner was intended to revolutionize the runabout market with the practicality of three cockpits forward, with seating for eleven persons in a 22-foot boat. The rear engine and V-drive configuration was very unusual in the 1930s.

The show is produced by the Rim of the World Historical Society with the assistance of the Antique & Classic Boat Society, the Arrowhead Lake Association, the Lake Arrowhead Village, the Up The Hill Woodie Club, Street Rods Forever and the Trompers.

For further information, call 909-336-6666




There has been a vast improvement in market confidence for sellers. Those who thought positive last year were right. Now even more sellers have high hopes. Perhaps they will be right again. Slow and steady market growth means a better economy for all. I’m not looking for a bubble that can burst, just healthy economic growth and positive equity for home owners.

Beautiful and Custom-Built ~ Your Next Mountain Home

1025 Black Oaks Dr., Lake Arrowhead, Ca 92352 Offered for  $499,000


Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3

Year Built: 1993

Square Feet: 2361

Lot Size: 0.37 Acres

Garage: 2 car attached




Property Description: Stunning custom built home w/ lake rights features a large mountain-level lot, panoramic views including a peek of Lake Arrowhead. Direct entry through the 2 car garage. 4 spacious bedrooms. Master bedroom w/ bath & fireplace as well as a deck w/ hot tub to take in the views. Grand kitchen w/ abundant storage, pantry, & nice appliances. Living room opens to a lovely deck. Dining room w/ fantastic picture windows. Fire sprinklers, super-foundation, surround soud, XL water heater – many upgrades.


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