The Galligans Head East

Day 1: Saying goodbye is impossible. Family, friends, neighbors…. Arrowhead has been our home for 18 years and there is no better place. We will always consider Arrowhead home and its residents our family. We are excited to start this new chapter, but not today. Today we are mourning. I’m sure the full weight of this sadness has yet to hit. We feel like this is the direction God is leading us, so as promised, He will get us through it.

Over the past month we had our 10-year-old Durango tuned up including new tires from Linder’s in Crestline. Monday we picked up the U-Haul and a screw in our shiny new tire. We pulled away Tuesday and headed straight to Linder’s. They took great care of us and sent us on our way.


Our route takes Highway 40 for a good portion of the trip. This took us right past the Colorado River where I was lucky enough to spend some time with friends last month. Of course passing here made me tear up again….


The weather was about 82°, not too hot for a Summer day in Arizona. As we passed through Kaibab National Forest, it was so beautiful and had recently rained. It smelled amazing and views to die for.

We found a nice hotel right by the Grand Canyon and pulled in at about 6:30pm.

Jay and I shared a great dinner and met a nice couple from the OC in the hot tub. The room was really comfortable. We talked to Lyssa before bed and slept great ❤️


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