Thanksgiving 2013

I have so much to be thankful for this year! I’ve been doing my “30 days of Gratitude” list and am enjoying the daily reflection. Of course health, family and friends top the list. Have you participated in the month of thanksgiving? Do you love it as much as I do?

I am also loving all of the ideas and information from Pinterest.Here are a few of my favorite Thanksgiving Pins (My Pinterest)





When your property tax bill is a surprise

In April I sold a home to a lovely client and friend. She immediately got to work in remodeling her new vacation property. This house sits on an odd corner where it kind of touches 4 different streets. Three of those streets are in our countys Special Services District for road maintenance and plowing; etc. It’s close to the lake, surrounded by trees, a very nice spot. This month my friend received her semi-annual property tax bill. The bill had an assessment of $1,900, the first half of a $3,800 road assessment to repave on Special district streets. This was the first she had heard of this large sum and was shocked to say the least.

I called the selling agent, who called the sellers. Neither party claims to have had any knowledge of this assessment. I called the neighborhood organizer of this project. He gave me the phone number for the person at SB County handling it as well as the project name. He says he sent many emails to my friend letting her know how excited he was about the paving project. She says, yes, within 4 days of her closing escrow he came over and asked for her email. She shared his excitement about the maintenance and beautification of the roads. He never mentioned the cost. She never got anything from the county. He did say one interesting thing to me, however. He mentioned he was surprised this home was not exempt because of the placement, he wasn’t sure she would benefit from the project.

The county was able to disclose the mailing info (survey, ballot, results, notices) all went to the sellers mailing address. Seller says they didn’t see anything. I asked the county if this property could be exempt. Initially I was told, “no.” My friend took over with the county and worked with them. The county revisited the property and changed their minds about the exemption. So in the end my friend will be exempt from the $3,800.

My question is, should the seller have been responsible for the non-disclosure if, in fact, someone did have to pay? Are people responsible for reading their mail? The survey went out during the escrow period, the results were sent after we had closed. So, technically it was not a done deal. I think if one  has knowledge of a possible fee coming down the pike it should be mentioned. I think my client would have purchased the home anyway. Tax bills should not be a shock. Property taxes are something we check into during our discovery period based on public record. Since this was not yet enforced, there was no way of knowing for the buyer.

In the future, when I sell houses on these small roads, known to be in the Special Services District, I think I’ll give them a call and ask if there are any proposed fees. Just like I have to call the Weed Abatement department to ask if there are any outstanding notices or liens on a property. I learned a new lesson here.

Coincidentally, my partner in the office also sold a vacant lot during the same period on the same street. In her case it is not exempt and was also not disclosed. I have yet to see what will come of that scenario.


Lake Arrowhead Rental Market

Recently I’ve heard of several people looking for Lake Arrowhead rentals. In Lake Arrowhead there is not a centralized source and they can be difficult to find.
Coldwell Banker SRR does handle rentals, call Sean Kennedy for our current list: (909) 273-0034
If you want to stay for a visit:
If you or someone you know would like to buy or sell in the Mountains, give me a call. (909) 838-8715


Fourth of July Lake Arrowhead

Fourth of JulyThis year the fireworks show will be launched in Lake Arrowhead on Thursday, July 4th, 2013. It will be fantastic as usual! If you’ve never been here before for the great show, this is the time. As of today, Arrowhead Lake Association says, our water temp is: 67.8 degrees and the lake level is a little low at 5103.77.

If you don’t yet own an Arrowhead home, but would like to give me a call and I’ll show you around. Holly Galligan (909) 838-8715.

Dont Work with a “Fish Out of Water”

Dont Work with a “Fish Out of Water”.

Dont Work with a

My broker, Steve, brings up a great point. I see a lot of out of area agents in and around Lake Arrowhead doing their best to represent friends and family members. We are such a unique market, there is no way they are doing right by said friends. Referrals are wonderful! If you are an out of area agent, refer your friends and family members to me. I will treat them as my own family and make sure they know the ins and outs of our wonderful mountain community. Who knows, maybe I’ll have a friend to refer back to you!


*Remember, friends don’t let friends work with inexperienced agents. 😉

Give me a call (909) 838-8715

Lakefronts on the market

As of 3/17/2013, there are currently 26 Lakefronts active on the market. The least expensive is $798,000 and the most expensive is $16 million. You can view the link for each of the listed homes here: Click here for link.

There are currently 2 Lakefronts in escrow, to view those, click here.

In the past 6 months, there have been 12 Lakefront sales. Sales prices have ranged between $500,000 and $3,000,000. You can view those homes if you click here.

If you have any additional questions or want to talk about the current market, give me a call! (909) 838-8715