About HollyGall

Hi there! I’m Holly Galligan. A realtor since 2004 in Lake Arrowhead, CA. We moved to Central Indiana in September 2014. I work for Co-Alliance, an agricultural company in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. It’s a great company and I’ve learned a lot as the propane marketing assistant. We really miss our mountain home and all of our friends there. My husband is an avid mountain biker, runner, swimmer and general lover of all things active.  He really misses the mountains of California, but we’ve enjoyed traveling around the Midwest and east coast, we’ve visited most of the state parks in Indiana (there are a ton!) and we hike with our pup Penny most weekends. We love to paddle board, and find new adventures. Our daughter is recently married and we are so excited for her and our new son-in-law as they embark on their journey as newlyweds living the military life. My first love is the Lord. He is my strength and is responsible for this very blessed life I lead.
Holly pictureIMG_5085Penny

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