Galligans Head East Day 3

Good morning Texas!!

We had a very comfortable stay in Amarillo.


We had a perfect start to our day with a Starbucks breakfast.




Very quickly we crossed into Oklahoma. There were 2 toll roads in OK at $9.75 each. They were kind of annoying. We were happy to get through it all with little traffic.


We passed a giant indoor waterpark, pretty cool! There were multiple dried up rivers we crossed over. Then we were reminded of Palm Springs when we passed all of the wind turbines.





We found the cheapest gas of our trip. $3.05 for regular!



There were American flags and Oklahoma pride signs everywhere.


We saw a cool AWACS plane, it was much larger in person.



We finally made it into Missouri. We stopped for a quick salad at Olive Garden.


We spotted a lot of water towers and hay rolls.




We finally checked into our hotel in St. Roberts, MO. It was clean and cheap. The desk clerk was friendly and said she was expecting us. It was a nice change from the last one who couldn’t find our reservation. The hot tub was down for maintenance, much to Jason’s dismay. We’re excited to get on with our last day of driving and turned in early. Goodnight.

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